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The Commercial Pilot license requires a minimum of 250 hours of total flight time to obtain. This estimate is based on that requirement. In addition the Commercial certificate requires that you have 50 hours of PIC cross country time, however, it is highly recommended that you already have an Instrument rating prior to beginning any Commercial training, which would mean that you have already met this requirement.

The Commercial also has certain requirements in terms of specific cross country flights that must be accomplished, and in terms of specific solo flights which must be accomplished. If you have already met any of these requirements then you will not need to do them again. Training for all of our pilot certificates is done on an individual basis.

Training is one-on-one and always with a certified instructor. We cater our training to your schedule. The breakdown for the commercial certificate assuming a pilot who has an instrument rating and has at least 225 hours total time is as follows:


Flight Hours - 172SP - 25


Flight Hours - 182RG - 10


Flight Instructor Hours - 25



Charts + Supplies


Commercial Training Kit 


** Written Test Fee **


** Check Ride Fee **



Total Cost Estimate:                             $10,119.00

* = Optional

** = Associated Cost, not charged by PAC

If you have already met your dual XC and solo requirements, and already have the instrument/commercial kit then your cost will be reduced!


Your total cost will vary based on how much actual flight time you acquire and based on how much ground time is necessary to ensure that

you gain the necessary knowledge. If you would like to speak with an instructor about how you can determine your own cost, please do not

hesitate to call. Thank you for your interest in the Peak Aviation Center, we look forward to hearing from you,

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