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Peak Aviation Detailing was started up in 2014 as an all-new division with the objective of providing the highest quality aircraft detailing, auto detailing and restoration services available to the Front Range of Colorado.


Our detailing department was established by a team with years of experience in the highly specialized aviation detailing environment, and expanded with comprehensive training of our extremely skilled workers. We use only the highest quality equipment and products along with the most advanced techniques to provide you and your aircraft the best service available.


We expect only the best possible results from our team of thoroughly trained detailers,

and you can expect the same.


It is our goal to provide unmatched customer service and satisfaction to all of our customers, no matter how big or small the job or aircraft is, we will treat you with a level of service that is simply unequaled.

Aircraft Detailing


Exterior Detailing

Our primary service is detailing the exterior of the aircraft, with a full range of options from a basic trip-ready/wipe-down to full paint revitalization and protection packages.


Interior Detailing

We provide high-end interior detailing, which includes entire cabin & cockpit wipe & vacuum, leather cleaning and conditioning, carpet shampooing, and galley/lav cleaning. We also offer quick-turn detailing and other specialty services.


Specialty Services

We are highly trained in additional specialty services, such as de-ice boot restoration, metal polishing, high-end paint restoration and preservation with options for polymer, nano, or ceramic coatings. If anyone can restore your aircraft without repainting, we can.

Peak Aviation offers a wide range of detailing services to match your needs and your budget. We are able to accommodate any size aircraft up to large-class business jets.


We have years of experience in working with all types of aircraft, from the classic 172 or Cherokee, vintage T-6's or Staggerwings, high performance twins like Dukes and King Airs, all the way through the full range of jet types from Phenom 100's, Citations, and Falcons/Gulfstreams.


You have a dirty or dull plane, we can make her sparkle!




Automotive Detailing


In addition to aircraft detailing services, we also provide a full line of services for your road-going vehicles. While we specialize in

high-end cars, we have also done restoration and detailing services for all kinds of vehicles, from average cars, to RV's, trucks, specialty vehicles, boats, trailers, and even golf carts - we do it all!


All the information regarding aircraft detailing services on this website also apply to vehicles - we use the same products, tools, and processes on just about all vehicles for the same stunning, transformative, restorative, and preservative results!


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