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​Flying here in the shadow of Pike's Peak, and the higher field elevations of Colorado present an awe inspiring opportunity to add to your aviation skills. An airplane will perform differently here, than it does at lower elevations toward sea level. We will do a Mountain training flight, to orient a pilot to the unique challenges presented in flying over mountainous terrain. 


Our typical Mountain Training pattern starts in the plains east of Colorado Springs, then straight into the Rockies across South Park and up to the Collegiate Peaks and Buena Vista before Flying past two of Colorado's most famous fourteeners, Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive, and then checking out Leadville where at almost 10,000 feet, you can get your certificate for landing at the nation's highest elevation airport! Then we head back toward Colorado Springs to see America's Mountain like you've never seen it before. Its a roughly 5-Hour experience you'll never forget! And if you find yourself wanting more, then there other flight routes available to take even further into the backcountry.

N2949V Flying.jpg


Flight Hours - Cessna 172XP - 4 hrs


Flight Hours w/ Instructor - 4 hrs



(Headset and tax)



Total Cost Estimate:                             $1,144.55

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