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Advance your flying skills with the IFR Rating!


Learn to fly in the clouds! As with all our training, we place a strong emphasis on emergency procedures and professionalism so you are not only prepared to pass the check ride, but are an Instrument Rated Pilot who will fly confidently for years to come!


Step #2 towards a Professional Pilot career!

The Instrument Rating requires a minimum of 40 hours of either simulated or actual instrument time to obtain. In addition, the Instrument Rating requires that you have 50 hrs of PIC cross-country time at the time of the check ride. As a Private Pilot, you will already have at least 5 hours of cross-country, so we have included another 40 hrs in this cost estimate. Training for all of our pilot certificates is done one-on-one and always with a Certificated Flight Instructor.  We will cater our training to your schedule. This estimate for the Instrument Rating, is using the Cessna 172SP.


The average cost is broken down as follows:


Flight Hours - 20 in 172SP 



Flight Hours - Simulator


PIC X/C Time - 172SP


Approx. 50 total hours w/ Instructor


Charts + Supplies


* Instrument Training Kit *


** Written Test Fee **


** Check Ride Fee **



Total Cost Estimate:                             $17,429.00

* = Optional

** = Associated Cost, not charged by PAC

These costs are based on using our Cessna 172SP.  Some students may prefer a different aircraft in our fleet, so the cost may vary. The per flight total cost will always vary based on how much actual flight time you acquire and on how much ground training time is used to ensure that you gain the necessary knowledge.

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